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My name is Elizabeth. When my father was 55 years old, he died unexpectedly of heart failure. Unsurprisingly, someone that young has a lot of unfinished business. His office was a mess of paperwork and files, notes and phone numbers scribbled anywhere. He was also old school with a basic phone - he never texted, so half of the contacts in his phone were a mess of letters that didn't make sense and didn't have a last name. I don't know what we would have done if we didn't have a way to do reverse phone lookup.
We spent hours finding all the scraps of paper that had a phone number and then in seconds, we were able to use the reverse phone lookup to see who Dad wanted to get ahold of. This service alone saved us so much time, because we were able to know which phone numbers were a main business line, which ones were agents for a business we'd already contacted, and which ones were the new neighbor who Papa had offered to shovel out after a blizzard. 
Going through his cell phone was made a breeze as well - Dshb? Oh, that's Eric, dad's college roommate! He came to the funeral, no need to let him know of dad's passing. Going through his missed call list: that's the bank, that's his vendor, that's the contractor. Reverse caller lookup made one thing simple as we settled the estate; everyone had a name thanks to the service!
The process truly could not have been simpler. All we had to do was type in a phone number, and the search engines would troll their extensive databases (including government databases, businesses, residential, and a variety of other national resources) and return with all the information we could need. Names, addresses, and even emails connected to this seemingly random string of digits brought us peace and clarity. 
In seconds, we knew what phone numbers we would need for the future, and what was clearly a telemarketer whose list would likely never be updated. Thanks to the reverse caller lookup, we could leave Dad's phone on silent while we were grieving, and when we were ready, we were able to use the website to understand what incoming calls were important and which could safely be ignored. We once missed a call from the attorney - good thing we were able to look up the number and call him back! Screening these calls were a lifesaver in the hectic months following.
The results we got from this product were reliable and consistent. Even my technologically-inept mother was able to use the simple interface to find answers without my help. I don't know what we would have done without such a fantastic program to help us sort through a full office and empty cell phone. Call logs are not longer a mess of unknown numbers, and all of daddy's unfinished business has had the loose ends wrapped up even with his varied and incomplete version of keeping records!

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