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While there are a number of reasons one might want to use a reverse phone lookup service, catching a cheating spouse is among the top of those reasons. Using a reverse phone lookup like Reverse Caller Lookup can help you determine not only if your husband or wife is having an affair, but it can help you determine if the affair is physical or emotional. Here's how.

What Is A Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

A reverse phone lookup service, also known as a reverse directory or the gray pages, is a service that allows you to access someone's information without knowing their physical address or name. All you need in order to get their details is their phone number. In a typical phone directory, one would use a name to get a phone number, whereas in a reverse directory, one is using a phone number to get name.

How Does Reverse Phone Number Lookup Work?


Phone lookup services such as Reverse Caller Lookup have databases that consist of all publicly available data on a person collected from various national sources. Typically, there is a small, one-time fee for a report on a phone number, but it is more than worth it, as sites like this can even find unlisted phone numbers and include them in their search. All you have to do is input the phone number into the search box on the website and allow the site a moment to scan!

How to Use a Reverse Lookup Service to Catch a Cheating Spouse

In order to successfully catch a spouse having an affair, you first need to collect all strange, unknown numbers that call the house. If you are able to, check the numbers that have been calling your spouse's phone, or the ones they have called, too. You want to look for unusual numbers they have been talking to for more than a few minutes.

With the list made, put those numbers through a phone lookup service like Reverse Caller Lookup and check the location of these calls. The location will give you clues about what sort of potential affair they are having. If the location is close to your own, it's likely that they are having a physical affair. If the calls last for a long time but the location is far enough away that it would be hard to drive to, it is likely that the affair is emotional.

Upon getting this information, confront your spouse about the suspicious number and where it comes from. You want to keep in mind the name and address. You will know the area of the calls, so it will be easy to tell if they are lying to you about that. With the name in mind you can also try to see if they are going to lie about that, too. Having this information about the caller on hand will prepare you to deal with the lie should your spouse give you one.

Using a reverse phone lookup to catch a cheating spouse is a simple process, and it is even simpler when you use the simple search function found on Reverse Caller Lookup. Judging on the information you are presented with, you can quickly tell if they are being dishonest and discern how to move forward after that. No more late nights lying awake, anxiously wondering what they are up to--thanks to Reverse Caller Lookup.


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