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Family reunions used to be the only way to trace your genealogy. Does Great-Grandpa Joe remember his great-grandma Rosie? Did Aunt Susan have the family tree traced somewhere in her attic? Then came the ancestry websites, waiting for the rest of the world to fill it in for you and maybe find a connection. But these days? Now we’re testing our DNA. Lyle shares his story of the family meanderings: “I started getting texts from this random number, just saying ‘hello’. I didn’t know if it was some sort of scam that would sign me up for something, so I just ignored it for a bit. After about the third unknown text, I finally pulled up a reverse phone lookup and started plugging in the numbers, trying to figure out what’s going on! I knew the patriarch of our family had come through Galveston, Texas, so when one of the numbers was based there and another number had the same last name as me, I had a hunch that we shared a common bloodline. Fortunately the databases are so thorough that I was able to see the physical locations, email addresses, and entire names of these strangers texting me. I wish they would have said more than hello, but I guess our entire family likes to keep things a little quieter! I was able to call them all back and trace our relations back to Sweden! It doesn’t surprise me that I’ve got family scattered all over - older generations did used to have 10-15 kids, after all!” If you’ve got curious distant cousins who are also a little shy about saying hello after swabbing their saliva, you may also have a missed call or text. Is this person just a spam caller, or are they the first twig in a whole branch of family that you didn’t know existed? Reverse caller lookup can be the answer just for you! With our seemingly limitless databases sourced from trustworthy lists from the government and commercial enterprises, you can rest assured that the names and numbers are as accurate as possible. The process is so simple! On your phone, all you have to do is long hold to copy the phone number, navigate to our website, paste it in, and go! In seconds, you’ll have names, addresses, and emails laid out before you. This planet gets smaller by the day: don’t you want to know who is part of your family? Science may help show the connections are out there, but reverse phone lookups helps you decide if you want to be brought together again. And if not? The information is at your fingertips: the block button is just a tap away as well. Enjoy your extended family - or enjoy your privacy and solitude! Either way, the choice is in your hands. Give us a try today! Or as Lyle eloquently reminded us, “My family is from everywhere: I want to decide if I want them here.”

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