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There’s not denying that a career change is a busy period of life. Brushing up on your resume or curriculum vitae, confirming with your references that they are prepared for a phone call, making sure that your suit is dry cleaned and pressed so you are interview ready at any moment. But there’s just one more problem: you’re sending out applications to dozens of companies at once. Do you know who called you back and couldn’t get through because your inbox was full? With your future on the line, knowing which employer you’re returning a call for can make or break your day. Just ask Jenny why she used a reverse caller lookup! “My kids are in junior high and in that time of life where everything is absolutely hilarious - they’re at the age when if you go to an airport, we have to remind that now is not the time to be making jokes about bombs and guns because of the very serious consequences! So their latest gag is to call me when I’m at work at leave long messages pretending that they are calling about a job - or just making farting noises, because that’s my teenage sons for you. Since I have my phone on silent in my bag, I don’t see these calls until the day’s end and my mailbox is already full. Since I’m mid-career change, I have headhunters, recruiters, and human resource officers calling me all the time as well.” “In screening these calls, I need to know who is important to prioritize a call back and who to ignore. I don’t have any desire to return a call about a ‘great business opportunity’ that has me selling on commission door to door! But the job I applied for that will double my salary? That’s a phone call that’s worth using a reverse phone lookup to call back immediately and apologize for the delay!” “While I need to work with my boys in regards to their phone calls to me, I am completely confident in the reverse caller lookup to give me accurate information. I know within seconds which business is calling me and from which address - after all, I applied to both the downtown and suburbia locations! I can confirm the email address and names through the databases that come from commercial and governmental resources. I know the information I’m getting is accurate - and so fast! I am so comfortable knowing that with the tap of my thumb, I can have all the data about my missed calls. All that’s left is for me to call back, and get the career of my dreams!” While hopefully Jenny’s sons aren’t delaying their mother’s promotion by too much, it’s good to know that she isn’t held back by their shenanigans! Using our services, she is able to efficiently comb through her missed calls and have all the contact details for the recruiters so she can wow them in her replies - “Yes, hello, Company ABC, thank you so much for your call!”

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