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“I’m a high school teacher, so I do need to be in contact with my students,” Karl explained lightheartedly. “But I keep that via school-sponsored email only! My personal life is private, and I have no desire to mix my two worlds.” After a series of phone calls after midnight, Karl was getting fed up. “I knew it was probably prank calls from my students, but they would hang up as soon as I answered. It was starting to affect my sleeping habits because I’d get so worried about it. Fortunately, I realized quickly that I just needed to use a reverse caller lookup and I could see exactly who was calling me after hours.” It was a good thing, too! By taking advantage of our encyclopedic databases consisting of the names, addresses, and sometimes even email addresses of the owners of the phone numbers, Karl was able to track down the pranksters and worth with his vice principal to arrange a meeting with the students’ parents. “We had screenshots of the calls, durations, and time of night, then showed the parents the information we pulled from the reverse phone lookup to pinpoint it was coming from their child’s phone. It was a long conversation about how to discipline the students and remind them about the ethics of pranking, but fortunately, thanks to the information from the government and commercial databases, we could solve the problem instead of letting it fester.” Karl couldn’t believe how useful it was! With just a few taps of his fingers, he could have all the answers he needed. He even decided to turn it into a lesson plan about privacy - the final outcome of that class is yet to be determined! But in the classroom or in the living room, knowing who is calling you and whether you should answer is always going to be an important exercise in precaution. It’s so easy, you have everything to gain by giving it the old college try. Karl wound up blocking each of his students who called him and reminded them that they could always email him with homework questions or come in for office hours. “And then!” he laughed, “I started coaching junior high basketball, so I started getting phone calls from all the parents asking questions about practices and game times and uniforms! Once again, reverse phone call lookup to the rescue! I ignored every call, then would look up and see if mom or dad had a kid on my team before I’d call them back. It let me take my time and use it wisely instead of being at the whims of anyone who called me willy-nilly! Like, I’m already running around for teaching and coaching, I need my dinner to be uninterrupted. I can deal with the call backs and angry helicopter parents when I’m ready for it instead of constantly having to stop my life for someone else.” If that sounds familiar, be like Karl: try us today!

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