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Matthew suffered from lifelong social anxiety, and there was little that he hated more than answering the phone. “I put off getting one as long as possible,” he wrote to us in a long thank-you email. “It was only when I went to university that my mom forced me to get a super basic cell phone in case of an emergency. It’s one of those old brick phones - you know, the kind that has Snake on it and is literally only used by old people and hipsters? Yeah, that’s what I have.” Unsurprisingly, an old school cool phone like that doesn’t have a ton of memory storage, so Matthew could only save a few numbers that were important to him. “I hated it so much, every time that thing would right I’d feel sick to my stomach and like I was getting all twisted up inside. If it was just my mom, I was okay, but if it was ever a number I didn’t know… well… let’s just say my phone was my personal demon.” He continued to tell us a story as to why he needed to use the reverse caller lookup. “One week, I got 8 calls, all from the same number. I never set up my voicemail and was too anxious to call them back. I didn’t know who they were or what they wanted. My birthday wasn’t coming up, so I knew it wasn’t an aunt calling to sing to me or anything. Finally, I decided that the stress was too much and used your website to figure out who was so insistent to talk to me.” And it’s a good thing he did - turns out that the phone number was from the scholarship committee, letting him know that he’d been awarded a full tuition scholarship for the following year and they needed him to come fill out some paperwork. “If it weren’t for using the reverse phone lookup, I never would have answered the phone and would have missed out on seeing my hard work pay off. Not to mention that scholarship kept me out of debt! Your databases answered my questions in seconds that I was putting off all week. Your website was able to tell me exactly which office at the university was calling me and their location and email address. It was such a relief to realize what was going on and not have this unknown caller hanging over my head.” Matthew, we’re glad to have helped! Our databases have information from both commercial and governmental sources and are designed to make your life easier and less exhausting. Using a reverse caller lookup as a way of addressing your anxiety about phone calls is only one of the many uses - and because you can type in the number on your computer browser, you can still use a basic phone. Have you looked up a missed call recently? Try us out: you won’t be disappointed in your findings!

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